Avengers: End Game Party

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Our family loves Marvel Comics. We have seen all of the Marvel movies and are waiting impatiently for the final Avengers movie. So if you are like us you may just be planning something fun this weekend.

We are planning a marathon of the previous Avengers movies on Friday night through Saturday at home, then on Sunday morning, we plan to take our kids to see the final movie. We have our favorites, Spider-man and Iron Man are the two main reasons our kids love Marvel. So we plan to have a little treat to make the night more fun.

We plan to copy this incredibly cool Spider-man-inspired pizza for dinner. Then we plan to have some amazing Avenger Cupcakes for dessert.

Spiderman-Inspired Cheese Pizza

Thanks to some incredible cupcake toppers we can choose our favorites, of course, the kids chose Iron Man.

Avengers Cupcake Toppers

We plan to enjoy some incredibly delicious popcorn and just relax all weekend soaking up the superhero-themed fun with our kids. Do you plan on seeing Avengers: End Game? Do you take your kids? Are you hitting up the midnight showing?

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