Avid Learning for Boys

Little Boy Avidly Reading

Do you feel as though your boy is just not interested in learning?

You know he has the ability but how do you fuel the passion for learning.

I have gathered here are some tips that I have used to encourage learning and discovery in boys.

Each and every family thrives in different environments. Some need noise, others need calm and serenity. Most families need a balance of both. Aim to create that environment often and most of all set an example.

  • Read for your own pleasure and let your children see you doing it
  • Look up spelling of words you don’t know – use dictionaries & encyclopedias
  • Look up that town, county or country in the news – in books, on the net
  • Learn something new and share it, better yet teach it
  • Show that sometimes effort is required to master a new skill
  • Learn a new language together while in the car (have fun with it)

Fear of failure will dampen any attempts to learn. Children need to develop the courage to try. You can help them in this by praising them. Help them acquire the skills they need to flourish. You can do this by playing what if games such as:

  • What would you do if your best friend hit you?
  • What would you do if Mom was hurt and couldn’t call for help?
  • What if your friend wanted to “borrow” your allowance?
Boys Who Love Books and Reading

Taking time to talk about potential situations gives them confidence to handle things if need be. Help them build basic skills so that they can cope with situations they find themselves in. Most of all look for the good in your boy and give praise freely and often.

Once you have managed to peak their interest and brought out the learning bug, you need to keep it alive. Give him a constant supply of ideas, projects and conversations.

Finally, did you know that Baroque music has been shown to accelerate learning???

To be continued ...

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