Best Books: Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon

We love to read at our house, and our kids bring home a new book from school every week to do their AR practice for class (Accelerated Reader Levels). Recently our oldest has become obsessed (and that is putting it mildly) with the Magic Tree House books.

If you have never heard of the Magic Tree House books, let me explain, the series is written by Mary Pope Osborne, and each book follows Jack and Annie, a brother and sister that discover a magic tree house filled with books. The treehouse is owned by Morgan Le Fay, King Arthur's half-sister, a magical enchantress. Morgan sends Annie and Jack on amazing adventures through time where they meet famous people, experience historical events, cultures, and interact with historical and legendary animals and creatures.

The books follow Jack and Annie on their adventures worldwide, and each book is different. Currently, my oldest is reading Pirates Past Noon and is adventuring the high seas, finding mysterious maps, and searching deserted islands. The books each give insight into the incredible time periods in which the story occurs. It is a great historical fiction adventure that teaches as the kids delve further and further into the imaginary world of Jack and Annie.

Magic Tree House Books - Pirates Past Noon

The books are great for beginning readers. My oldest is a first grader reading 10-16 chapters in each book. However, there is also Merlin Missions for more advanced readers who can read longer books with a more extensive vocabulary. The Magic Tree House books also have a Fact Trackers line that allows your child to read the Non-Fiction facts used in the novels. It is an excellent way to connect the real world with their imaginary adventure.

If you have a young reader, you should definitely check out one of the magic Tree House books. They indeed are a world of imagination filled with incredible real-life connections!!

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