Best Books: Mo Willems

Mo Willems books have been a staple in our house for over a decade. Everyone loves them from the youngest to the oldest. Storytime is a great opportunity to get to know your kids and their unique and special personalities. The Mo Willems books always bring laughter and lightness to the household. We especially love his series about the pigeon. They incite hilarity and joy with every read.

Books for Boys - Don't Let The Pigeon Stay Up Late

This month I wanted to highlight one of our favorites, Don't Let the Pigeon Stay up Late! It is a fun book that translates to real-life -- the struggle of bedtime! Every parent has dealt with this. The age of the child doesn't truly matter, bedtime seems to always be a struggle. This book pokes fun at the incessant questions, pleading, and compromises proposed during the normal bedtime routine: only with a pigeon. The kids laugh at the funny similarities and they enjoy seeing the conversation from the other side. It is a fantastic read-a-loud family story that will bring endless enjoyment.

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