DIY Overnight Crystals

We are still enjoying our STEAM activities. This time we are going to try to create our very own crystals. Rocks have always been a favorite in our house. I find them in cups, pockets, shoes, and even in the bed! My kids collect them everywhere we go. Recently, they have even begun recognizing the different types of rocks. My oldest has taken a keen interest in geodes. We enjoy hiking and have found several while out on wild excursions, so we thought it was time she learned about how they are made.

DIY Crystal - STEAM project for boys


Geodes and crystals are part of nature’s amazing and unique treasures. They are so beautiful and yet so incredibly sturdy. They truly are a gift from the Earth.

Now you can create a similar crystal at home overnight. We found this simple experiment at Learning Resources. It is simple to follow and can be completed overnight. Head on over to Learning Resources now to get the full tutorial and materials list.

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