DIY Reindeer Food

Our kids are really into Santa this year. It is the fun magical age where everything they imagine is real to them. We try to make sure the magic lasts as long as possible and we can enjoy it as much as our children can. So we go all out with the Scout Elves, creating fun scenarios for them to find each morning. We also worked on our Santa letters and we are beginning to bake our fancy Christmas cookies to leave out on Christmas Eve. This year, however, we thought we would try something new:

DIY Reindeer Food by Elf Scout . com

We have become big followers of the Scout Elf website and they recently posted a fun idea on creating reindeer food. So we had the elves bring a recipe card one morning this week and now we are going to work together to create the fun snack for Santa's reindeer.

The recipe is a cute little cereal bag treat with special Christmas sprinkles. It will be simple and inexpensive to put together with the kids, but it will bring so much joy. Be sure to check it out and see if you want to try a new reindeer treat this year too!

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