Easter Dress Style

Another holiday is looming! We try to get the whole family together at Easter and we almost always do a family photo. The entire extended family only gathers occasionally so we try to take advantage of the photo opportunities as often as possible. To our kids' dismay, this means that we plan to all wear nice clothes. This year we have such wonderful weather on the horizon that I am planning light spring looks, thank goodness The Boy’s Store has such great deals on boy's dress wear right now.

Boys’ Seersucker Trousers Shorts by Appaman:

Boys Seesucker Short by AppamanThese seersucker shorts are perfect for spring dressy events. The lightweight material is perfect for warmer weather and the light color makes it spring-like and festive. Right now it is available for only $12.

Boys' Striped Tux Shirt by La Miniatura:

Boy's Tuxedo Shirt by La MiniaturaThis short-sleeved tux shirt for boys (and girls if they feel so inclined) is a fine blue with white stripes. It is light, airy, and stylish. Wear it with nice slacks or shorts for a classy yet casual look.

Boy's Mod Suit by Appaman:

Boy's Mod Suit by AppamanThis modern boy's suit is available in multiple colors perfect for spring including khaki, mist, chambray seersucker, and teal. Available now for $100, $60 less than usual!

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