Easter Egg Dye Alternative

This year we have invited some friends over to do egg dyeing. Most of the kids are under the age of 3. We wanted to dye eggs but we don't want to risk the kids burning themselves, or making a huge mess.

I did a little Pinterest searching and came across this incredibly simple idea from Crafty Morning, a simple egg dye rice shaker. The idea is that you use the rice to not only add color but also texture to the hard-boiled eggs. Since the entire activity is confined to the Ziploc bag the clean-up is simple. It also does not need hot water or vinegar which is great for smaller children. Head on over to Crafty Morning and check out the full tutorial.

Rice Shake Easter Egg Alternative Dyeing Method

We managed to use it today and we loved the results. Even the older kids thought it was a fun experience. They had fun switching the eggs to different bags in order to get a multi-colored egg. The eggs almost have a tye-dyed appearance. My oldest enjoys putting secret messages and images on her eggs by using a white crayon to draw on her hard-boiled egg before she places it in the dye. The dye covers the egg but does not cover where the crayon is. It was great fun for the whole party!

Be sure to check out Crafty Morning for some other fun ideas, and head over now for the full tutorial for Rice Shaker Egg Dyeing.

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