Kids' Style New Year Countdown

Did you know that Netflix does a children's countdown for New Year's Eve that can be played at any time on New Year's Eve? If you are a Netflix subscriber you can play a countdown for your kids at any time. So your kids can still be a part of the holiday celebrations and still be in bed by 9pm! This is truly a great idea. It makes it simple for kids to participate without expecting them to make it all night.

Kids' New Year Countdown 2018

While my older kids will make it to midnight, my youngest two NEVER do. But they are always jealous that they miss out on what the older kids get to experience. Last year we played one of the Netflix countdowns (they make several, and all themed for your kid like Trolls, Word Party, etc.) we had party poppers, sparkling cider, party hats, and treats. My youngest kids got to eat treats and sip drinks with us as we played the countdown. As the countdown began we prepared our party poppers, donned our hats, and held our glasses of cider. When the "New Year" rang we popped, sipped, and toasted to a year of health and happiness! 

Then we quietly prepared the kids for their bedtime routine, and they went to sleep. That left the rest of the night for us adults to play games, chat, and enjoy one another's company. we also had the chance to ring in the New Year at midnight and share a kiss without the small kids making gagging noises. All in all, it makes for an excellent little New year Festivity. So if you have Netflix be sure to check out their New Year's Eve countdown for kids this year! 


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