Le top for Boys

Little Boys Clothing by le top Clothing

le top is celebrating 30 years in of creating unique clothing for children. Wow what and achievement. Congratulations to you le top!!

le top manufactures anything from layettes to swimsuits and everything in between. They credit their longevity and success to one simple set of principles - taking the time to listen to their customers and taking action on suggestions and feedback.

Toddle Boys Outfit by le top Clothing

I chose to bring le top to The Boy's Store as I was impressed with the quality of the materials chosen as well as the workmanship and attention to detail in the finishing touches of each garment.

The whimsical designs and choices of colors by themselves make these a long standing favorite of moms everywhere. All series/collections offer variations on the same theme so you can fit two little boys with one style and they don't have to be all matchy matchy.

Boys Clothing Earnie Award

le top has been recognized by the industry for excellence in design - winning the children's apparel award - the EARNIE- for 8 consecutive years! Retailers select the EARNIE award winners!

le top has also been recognized with a "Panache" award in 2001 for "an outstanding standard of excellence in quality control."

I wish I had discovered le top earlier so my children could have sported some their fun and colorful creations.

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