Online Shopping Tips

Here are a few simple online shopping tips which you should take to ensure an enjoyable and worry free experience.

A. Measure and weigh your boy – sizes often differ from brand to brand, so it’s best to measure before placing an order
  • Clothing: measure your boy’s height, waist and inseam, and know his approximate weight.
  • Hats: measure the circumference of the head, ¼ inch above the ears.
  • Shoes: measure the length of the foot from the tip of the longest toe to the heel.

B. Choose the appropriate size – we will provide a sizing chart when available to ensure that you may choose the proper size for your boy. If he is on the border line between sizes, use your best judgment on which to order. If you are ordering a single item for an up-coming event get the smaller size. If it is something that you hope he will wear for an entire season or longer, order the larger size.

C. Check the Specials page – the item you wish to purchase might be our featured weekly special. Or you may qualify for one of our other promotions.

D. Sign-up for our monthly newsletter – You will get to enjoy member only discounts, advance notice of sales and new lines.

For more information on shipping rates, return and privacy policies visit The Boy's Store.

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