Silly Monster Bookmarks DIY

Reading has become a favorite activity in our home. We do it every evening together and our oldest has become a great solo reader. In fact, we have so many books going at once now that we need to have more bookmarks. I found this adorable monster bookmark craft and thought it was the perfect way to get my kids crafting while helping us to solve our bookmark dilemma.

This craft is super fun and very creative. Paper folding and crafting is a great hands-on activity for little hands that love to keep busy. I Heart Crafty Things has a very simple template and several inventive samples to get your creative juices flowing. Kids can create to their heart's content!

Boys DIY Silly Monster Bookmarks

We made a dozen different colored bookmarks, each with their own very distinct personality (just like my kids!) Be sure to head over to I Heart Crafty Things and watch the easy-to-follow video tutorial and be sure to check out all of the other fantastic craft ideas when you are there. You will not be disappointed!

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