Simple Meals: Slow Cooker Honey Teriyaki Chicken

Slow cooker meals make a busy parent's day so much easier. I love having a meal planned without the hassle of having to do a lot of work after coming home from a long day. I love my crock pot and I love my instant pot. Both of them have saved my family from bad takeout meals on several occasions.

We have a lot of busy days this time of year. Spring brings out the nicer weather and the longer days, both at work and at our kids extracurricular activities. So we try to plan ahead for meals during this time. We love to try to vary our meals during the week. We will plan an Italian dish, a Chinese dish, and a Mexican dish in order to give our taste-buds something new and different each day.

Honey Teriyaki Chicken Recipe

I love to find dishes that will give me variety like this Honey Teriyaki Chicken dish from Diary of Mary. It gives us a sweet dish that can keep us satisfied and simple on a busy night. Head on over to her blog now for a full tutorial. It is simple and can be duplicated easily for future meals or a larger family. Be sure to check out her other great ideas while you are there!

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