Taggies Baby Wear Celebrates a Decade

Taggies Baby Boy Wear at The Boy's Store

Taggies Baby Wear manufacturer celebrates ten years in business.

Known for its baby blankets with looped tags. Taggies marks its 10th Anniversary by introducing a number of new products, including the Taggies Sleep Bundle. An innovative, wearable, practical blanket that enables your baby to wiggle around but still stay warm and cozy. Ideal for use while your little one is enjoying an early spring stroller ride.

Taggies Baby Boy Toy Ball at The Boy's Store

Taggies is the brainchild of an early childhood educator and mom and is based on the idea that babies love to rub satin edges, clothing labels ,and tags. We can see many baby boys (and girls) spending numerous hours playing with these Taggies toys.

The company received numerous prestigious awards for its innovative, colorful, and interactive products. Taggies is dedicated to continuous improvement and development; we can’t wait to see what will be in store next. 

We anticipate having more Taggies baby boy-centered items at The Boy's Store in the near future.

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