Teaching Togs - Educational Graphic Tees

Teaching Togs is a children’s clothing line created and designed by Gerie A Mulhern to inspire children to learn. Each shirt and one piece’s graphic designs engage your child’s attention and imagination. The process of learning begins with the exploration of science, mathematics, language and sports. As you can see with all the ones pictured in this post.

Teaching Togs has researched learning strategies and language instincts studies coming to the conclusion that children learn by hearing, seeing and reading. They especially love wearing what they are learning.

Baby Boys Elephant Onesie by Teaching Togs

All shirts and one pieces are made a soft, durable cotton. Each design is unique and produced in an effort to spark learning. With my son, each created an occasion to explore new subjects, books and stories. Each time he wore them; he would have a new set of questions and would rehash some of the older queries and answers.

Let your child’s imagination grow while wearing these great educational graphic tees.

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