The Boy's Store Twins Club

The twins club concept was the creative idea of a mom of twins. She and I were having a casual conversation over a cup of coffee in my kitchen. As is typical when you put two moms together the subject slowly shifted towards all too familiar concerns. The cost of raising a family, keeping a home, paying the bills and so on. All of this being currently aggravated by the sharp economic downturn.

How does one make ends meet? At her house, and mine too, it always seems that no matter how much income our families generate something always ends by the wayside. Be it the boys' new soccer shoes, a day out at the movies, you name it.

The Boy's Store Twins Club

Is it time, lack of desire or a short term (we hope) financial shortcoming? This is when the moment of epiphany happened; what if there were special discounts for moms and dads just like her who very rarely bought one of something.

Just imagine coming home to two wonderful boys with just one brand new shirt by Appaman. How do you choose? Do they share? If so who wears it first?

At that moment the Twins Club was born. The Boy's Store would help families with multiple births by offering them a shopping discount as long as they were buying items in multiples. No need for their boys to share until they outgrew it and passed it on to a cousin or friend as hand-me-downs.

Do you have a suggestion on how The Boy's Store could help you with your shopping experience?

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