Boys' Eagle Shirt by Wes and Willy

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Talons out ready to strike... this Eagle is on the hunt

It's a cold January day out in the countryside and suddenly this eagle swoops over your head. After a little investigation, you discover that some cows are calving in the field close by. The eagle is on the hunt for nutritious afterbirth to feed her family. Watching the majestic flight of this bird of prey makes us love eagles and add them as a design on a boy's graphic tee.


  • Gray long sleeve shirt for boys
  • With a flying eagle design
  • Imported (India) - Tagless


  • Wes and Willy runs slightly generous


  • 100% Cotton

Cleaning & Care:

  • Machine wash cold or warm
  • Tumble dry low


  • 4 oz and up

Have your little man soar like an eagle with this boy's graphic tee by Wes and Willy