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Boy's Puck Stops Here Shirt by Wes and Willy

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Wes and Willy's brings hockey puns and graphic tees together

Words, hockey, and boy's clothing all meet in this graphic tee featuring a variety of hockey pucks and a pun. Your little winter sports boy will love to wear this boy's shirt to school and, or practice. The humor of its one-sentence motto won't be lost on anyone who sees it. 


  • Nebraska red bong sleeve boy's tee
  • With hockey inspired screen print
  • Imported (India) - Tagless


  • Wes and Willy runs slightly generous


  • 100%  Cotton

Cleaning & Care:

  • Machine wash warm or cold
  • Tumble dry medium


  • 4 oz and up

Allow him to offer a little hockey "pun" ishment with this boy's graphic tee by Wes and Willy.

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