Art & Eden

Boy's art & eden clothing

art & eden Ethically Created and Eco-friendly Clothing for Boys

As a registered public benefit enterprise, art & eden makes organic, ethical, and eco-friendly children’s clothing. 

art & eden believes that, as consumers and as people, we have a responsibility to make clothing to help improve our environment and further prevent its destruction. They also lead by example by providing their garment workers' with safe working conditions and fair wages.

art & eden also believes we should improve the quality of the fibers used to make the clothing for boys (and girls) less toxic and more comfortable to wear.

art and eden uses only sustainable materials, low impact dyes, and recycled packaging. art and eden's fair trade practices apply not only to garment workers but also the artists and designers employed in creating these beautiful clothes for boys, girls, and everyone else outside and in between.

art & eden's boys line is comprised of items made of organic cotton, or a mix of organic cotton and recycled or upcycled polyester. This makes art & eden's clothes for boys easy to clean and maintain.

We, at The Boy's Store, love their commitment to bringing the highest quality boys' clothing to the market possible without straying from their mission to improve our planet. We also love that art & eden's children's clothing line is still budget-friendly.

Make an environmental choice in the fashion world by outfitting your boy in art & eden clothing