Noruk Boys Clothing

Fun and colorful boys fashion by Noruk Collection

Noruk Collection is the American name of the well known Canadian brand Nano. Nano launched in 1999 and progressively grew a large following both in Europe and Canada. Both lines, Nano and Noruk, offer the exact same selection of boy's clothes only name used for the US market differs.

Noruk Collection creates durable and colorful clothes for boys (and girls) such as boy's dress shirts, tees, pants, shorts and more.

In Noruk you will also find boys outerwear, sleepwear, swimwear, and a pretty extensive sportswear line. Everything you could wish in boys clothing for your little man to dress him up for every possible occasion.

At The Boy's Store, we love that almost all of their fabrics are stretchable and soft guaranteeing each piece to be an extra comfortable item of fashion for boys.

Noruk Collection sizes range from the very small for your baby boy to the needs of your older tween boy with boyswear in size 12.

Try one or two pieces of boys clothing by Noruk today! We are sure you won't be disappointed.