Eland & American Vintage

Boys American Vintage Clothing

Eland and therefore American Vintage has been creating boy’s clothing in vibrant colors, lively patterns, and classic design styles for a number of years.

They pay special attention to material quality and to adding features such as reinforced hems to their boys’ clothing line. This careful planning guarantees that each item is extra durable and will hold up multiple wash and dry cycles. We are glad that Eland takes such care into making comfortable boy’s clothing that your boy will wear over and over again

We carry American Vintage boy’s pants and shirts that can be easily mixed and matched. You will be able to create comfortable and stylish outfits for your boy. He will look great and stay comfy whether it is warm or cold out.

American Vintage by Eland will have your boy looking stylish and comfy no matter where he is and what he is doing.