Sublime Designs

Fashionable boys accessories by Sublime Designs

Wee Ones was founded in 1978 with the intent of creating functional and trendy accessories for girls. The founder, Barbara Agastein, found that she needed better hair clips to tame her daughter's hair. Since nothing was available to fit her needs, she set to design better hair clips. Thirty-some years later, Wee Ones has become one of America's best-known brand of hair accessories for little and baby girls.

Wee Ones changed ownership in 2010 when Barbara decided to retire. The new owners, Miles and Gina Faust, expanded the company's products line-up and created several spin-off brands.  

One spin-off, Sublime design, consists of socks, scarves, bracelets, and necklaces that are more gender-neutral making them a great option for boys and girls alike.

Sublime Designs' one-of-a-kind socks printed with fun graphics ranging from food-inspired to full animal pictures add a unique fun element to any boy's outfit.

Add a stylish finishing touch to your boy's outfit with boys accessories by Sublime Designs