New Jammies

Boys Organic Pajamas

Organic boys' pajamas have never been this much fun

New Jammies is the brainchild of a mom with a chemistry major. Nicole, the founder, and owner of New Jammies was unsatisfied with both her employment as an organic chemist and the quality of the children's clothing being widely sold in the United States. She felt that there should be a better way, one that was environmentally responsible, using fair trade practices and offering 100% certified organic cotton children's clothing. 

New Jammies manufactures certified organic cotton pajamas for boys (and girls). In order to keep any harmful elements away from your child's skin, these children's pajama sets are not treated with any flame retardant chemicals.

New Jammies founder lives by the following principle and motto. "The goal is not only to design a product of the highest standard but to live by that standard and be accountable for the health and well being of our children and their environment."

We, at The Boy's Store, love the suppleness and feel of New Jammies boy's pajama sets as well as the fun boy-centric fabric designs. You will find anything from simple solid bottoms (or tops) matched with fun print tops (or bottoms) to the overall bright-colored sports, animal, or holiday-themed prints.

Send him to a dream-filled world in soft organic cotton pajamas by New Jammies today!