Boy's Pea Coat

Do you spell it pea coat or peacoat?

We, at The Boy's Store, say as long as your boy wears it when it's cold the spelling is unimportant.

Boy's wool peacoatA pea coat (or peacoat) is a boy's wool jacket usually navy in color.

Generally, pea coats are shorter in length. They will reach just past the waist to about hip height. They have a wide collar with wide lapels. They are the classic double-breasted boy's jacket and are held shut with large buttons which are made of various materials though most often in metal or plastic. Boy's peacoats have two vertical side pockets, making it easy to quickly slide your hands in to warm up. 

Pea coats were designed to be worn by sailors of the European and American navies. The wool outer shell and quilted lining offered good protection from the seaward winds. The word pea coat is derived from the Dutch name for a coarse fabric jacket.

Today boy's peacoats come in a wide variety of colors, fabrics and slight style variations although the wide collar and double-breasted front are what defines it as a pea coat. 

We offer a variety of peacoats for boys. From plain to plaid, navy to brown with a wide variety of colors in between, from long to short, you are sure to find a style to suit your boys' needs.

Don't wait for the cold weather to hasten your decision, shop for a boy's jacket today

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