Cotton vs. Pima Cotton

What is the difference between cotton and Pima cotton?

Cotton is used in so many items we use every single day. Everything from the towel you used to dry off after your shower this morning to the pair of socks you slipped after getting dressed.


After the cotton plant blooms a ball of protective fibers forms around the seeds. These fibers are collected and used to produce yarn which is then woven into fabric. Cotton fibers are used for clothing, household fabrics, medical swabs, pads and more. Cotton is a fairly simple to use fiber, it accepts dyes readily and washes easily, making it a favorite for many.

Combed cotton:

Combed cotton is a stronger and finer more compact cotton than regular cotton. It's impurities and shorter fibers have been "combed" out before processing it into yarn. The process of combing the cotton creates a higher quality and softer fiber which is than used to make garments like baby clothing and bedsheets.

Pima cotton:

Pima cotton also called extra-long staple (ELS), is a type of cotton grown primarily in Peru, the southwestern United States and Australia. Pima cotton is thought to be one of the best quality cotton available as it is very durable and highly absorbent

Cotton Flower.

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