How do you tie a necktie for your little man?

Boys printed necktieAs Mom's, we don't necessarily have experience in tying knots for little boy's neckties or boy's bow ties. You can choose to start our adventure into dressy wear for your boys with pre-tied neckwear though eventually, your little man will need to know how to tie a proper knot in his newly purchased necktie.

A simple web search will net you a number of links to how-videos, slide shows, and simple written instructions. We, at The Boy's Store, decided to help you by selecting some of your favorites and listing them here. We recommend watching a couple of tutorials first to get a feel for how to proceed, and then to actually practice and hone your skills by tying your boy's necktie a few times.


In our experience, the results with this type of exercise are varied. We have found that for some tying a necktie for boys is a chinch while others need to practice, practice and practice. If you are one of the latter, don't get discouraged, it will come to you and just like tying your shoes it will become second nature very shortly.

Once you have mastered the basic knot, you should try some of the other knotting options and venture into boy's bow tie knots too. We must admit that every so often, especially after long intervals without any formal events, we stumble our way through tying that first bow tie.

Recently we found's comprehensive knotting guide which offers a selection of knot tying techniques with videos, step by step instructions on both basic and more complex knots. They even offer a knot tying rating system which includes size, symmetry, and difficulty on a scale of 1 to 5.

Now that you have experienced the world of proper boy's tie tying challenges, it's time to shop for some stylish size appropriate neckties and bow ties for boys available and ready to ship at The Boy's Store. We sincerely hope that with all the information we provided you here, you will look forward to the next formal invitation to be delivered in your mailbox and the chance to show off your newly acquired "mad" boy's tie tying skills




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