Pipe Pieces Construction Toy

Boys (and girls) love building blocks! These pipe pieces are designed to help your child develop fine motors skills, problem-solving, creativity, and his imagination. Collaboration, Social Skills, Creativity, Imagination.

Pipe pieces stem activity toyThis pipe pieces construction toy improves manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination, color recognition, counting, and sorting. Your little boy will easily build rectangles or other geometric shapes. It will enhance his hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability, spatial thinking, and imagination.

The connecting pipe pieces include interlocking tubes and wheels! These can be used at home, in homeschool, or a classroom setting. These construction toys for boys (and girls) can be used for directed play with your child to reinforce colors perception and following directions.

We, at The Boy’s Store, think that this toy set would make a fabulous holiday gift for your child this year.

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