Quirkie Kids

Quirkie Kids' philosophy is that ALL kids should be #freetowearpink regardless of their gender. We all know that some boys like green, some like blue and some boys like pink.  Quirkie Kids says: "why not?"

Boys Graphic Tee by Quirkie Kids

Some girls like rainbows. Some girls like butterflies. And some girls like dinosaurs and again Quirkie Kids says: "why not?"

No child should have their gender questioned, be judged or teased for what they wear.

Choosing to buy and wear Quirkie Kids is about more than just pink tees. It's about offering both boys AND girls more options to express themselves through their clothing.

Quirkie Kids' collection has grown to include many more colors, designs and continues to challenge gender stereotypes by offering all kids something different to wear.

At The Boy's Store we believe fashion is a way for each one of us to express our own personal taste and individuality.  We are delighted to carry pink tees for boys (and girls) by Quirkie Kids.

Shop these great boys' tees today!

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