Time Saving Laundry Tips

On average most families in the United States washes approximately four hundred loads of laundry each year which is more than one load per day.

First, you'll need to tackle sorting:

Each item should have a label with washing instructions and material composition. Some will have instructions spelled out and others will show some (or all) of the symbols in the graph below.

Laundry Symbols Chart

Laundry machine clipart illustration by Andy Nortnik courtesy of mzayat.com

Use several laundry baskets, label each one. At our house, we use  One for thicker fabric items like jeans and sweatshirts, one for any variation of red or pink, one for light colors and one for dark colors. Setting up an easy sorting area makes it so that everyone in the household can help with the task of sorting the laundry.

As you start loading the washer, check your little boy's clothing for stains that will need to be pre-treated and set them temporarily aside. 

By simply adding a half of cup of white vinegar to your laundry, you will fix fabric dyes and keep the colors from bleeding.

You can extend the life of the design on a boy's graphic tees by washing and drying them inside out. 

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