Best Books: Roller Girl

Books are wonderful, but many of today's youth find them boring. Publishers and writers are fighting back, using different ways to get kids more interested in reading. One fantastic way is by creating more graphic novels, like Roller Girl. Graphic novels are not a new innovation, on the contrary, they have been around for nearly 100 years. Many associate graphic novels with comic books. But graphic novels can be so much more. They can contain entire stories of nearly 500 pages, fantastic plot lines, and incredible images that make the story even more fantastic.

Young adult novelists have picked up on this hit and have revamped the entire series as graphic novels. While others have created an entirely new series utilizing this incredible tool. Graphic novels allow for a very visual immersive experience. Teens and pre-teens boys (and girls) love this. Now you can find novels that schools will teach and carry that are aimed at bringing that non-reader into the library.

Roller Girl - Best Book for Boys

This month we want to highlight an incredible coming-of-age novel that boys and girls have turned to as their own. Roller Girl is a great story about Astrid. It highlights the trials and tribulations of middle school, and it shows the joyful and not so joyful moments of friendship during this time. Best of all, it gives an incredible outlet for Astrid to explore her feelings and fears: roller derby. Boys and girls will love the fantastic action and both will understand and appreciate middle-school scenarios played out in the novel.

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