Boys Fall Clothes

The weather is finally changing here in SoCal, even though it had already started to turn across the country, and we are enjoying the cooler temps and breezes. It means that we are getting cooler mornings and cooler evenings and we will be wanting those light jackets to keep us comfortable in the early and late hours of the day. We love to layer in SoCal. We toss a long sleeved jacket or sweater on in the morning and by midday, we shed it to enjoy the warm sun. It is nice to only need a light cover to stay comfortable through most of the fall.

This year I am loving the flannel shirt. So is my youngest, who really wants to be just like daddy, and pairs his flannels with his favorite t-shirt. I want to be sure to have plenty of lightweight layering shirts for this transitional season and I know that The Boy's Store always has what I need. Micros, American Vintage, and Hartstrings have some awesome flannels and plaids.

Boys' Flannel Plaid Button Up Shirt by American Vintage: This lovely orange and blue-gray flannel is warm with soft flannel and is perfect as an extra layer for that cooler fall weather.

Boys Flannel Plaid Shirt by American Vintage

Boys' Plaid Dress Shirt by Hartstrings: This light plaid shirt is perfect for layering with a tee, wearing alone, or wearing it as a casual dress shirt.

Boys Blue Plaid Shirt by Hartstrings

Boys' Plaid Shirt by eLand: This beige and blue plaid with a shoulder patch is a great addition to a fall wardrobe and looks just like Dad's hunting shirt too.

Little Boys Plaid Shirt by eLand

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