Christmas Craft - Laminated Snow Globe Ornaments

Our kids will not be little forever. So we try to find little ways to find ways to enjoy them while we can. I love soaking in all the fun and magic of my kids being young during the holidays. One of the ways I do that is spend lots of time creating and playing with them. Crafts and activities are perfect ways to do that.

This year I wanted to not only create a fantastic memory with my kids, I also wanted to preserve it. I searched Pinterest and found this really fun and adorable photo snow globe. It is the perfect way to preserve a memory, and capture the youth and innocence of your kids today. Thank you to Crafty Morning for such an awesome and simple idea. The best crafts are easy, adorable crafts that make you go, "why didn't I think of this?" The photo snow globe is that kind of craft. It is fun and can be made any way you like: serious, precious, humorous, or joyous. The possibilities are endless. All you have to do is choose a picture that suits your theme, or have your kids pose for one.

Laminated Snowglobe Holiday Craft

We loved it so much we made them as gifts for the grandparents and aunts and uncle's for Christmas. I am sure they will be a huge hit. We even customized them. Precious poses for the grandparents and humorous ones for the uncles. What pose will you do?

Thank you to Crafty Morning for such a fantastic way to preserve our favorite memories! Head on over there now for the full tutorial!

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