Dogwood Clothing for Boys

Dogwood ClothingIf you are looking for a boys clothing brand that is durable yet still soft and comfortable, Dogwood is it. They produce a plethora of screened shirts. One of my all time favorite is their 5 pocket jeans with full elastic waist. My son like most boys just seem to think that taking the time get dressed is just a waste of play time. This was not a real big issue until he got old enough to attend school. Thanks to a few pairs of full elastic waist pants from Dogwood, I knew he would be decent while in the classroom.

Every item is made with close attention to detail, washes very nicely and holds up to all of my son’s antics which go from climbing trees to pretending he is Kung Fu Panda, Shirts and pants he outgrew were handed down to little Nicholas who wore a couple of them every day until he could no longer fit in them.

Dogwood was started in 1998 by Steve Springer a former Nordstrom Buyer with the goal to ease customers’ frustration with the lack boys clothing selection. His first line consisted of 3 t-shirt styles and a pair of shorts.

Boys Jeans by Dogwood Clothing

In 1999 Dogwood won the Fresh Face Award for the best new boys’ sportswear line in the United States. A well deserved award as the company is continually improving its selection. Also some tried and true pieces are now available all year long, year in and year out. Each year their collection reflects current styles and trends while still keeping in mind that little boys live an active tough lifestyles.

At The Boy’s Store we are very happy to able to offer such a wonderful brand to our customers.

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