Egg Roll in a Bowl

We love Asian-inspired dishes. We try to incorporate a lot of Asian-inspired and Mexican-inspired dishes because those are the two cuisines we love the most. This means we eat them a lot too, which means things can get stale and boring. So we try to find new recipes to keep our meals fresh and fun.

This month we are flooded with lots of extra things to do, but we also have the benefit of a few extra days off together as a family thanks to the holidays. We love to cook, but since we are usually so busy we don't always have the chance to really have fun with it. Our holiday breaks give us the chance to try new things and this month we wanted to try a new Asian-inspired dish from 40Aprons. This Pork Egg Roll in a Bowl is a great little twist on a classic.

Egg Roll in a Bowl Recipe

It can be easily substituted for due to allergies, diet restrictions, or because you don't like something. So head on over to the 40Aprons website for the full recipe, it even includes a list of some great substitutions.

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