Germ Proof Your Child

Why germ proof can be good.

With all talk in the news regarding the flu, especially the swine flu, here are a few common sense tips to help keep your child germ free. Less germs means less, coughing, sneezing, nose wiping and less long sleepless nights.

Germ Proof Monster

  • Have your child wash his hands before meals, after using the bathroom, or whenever he touches other kids, pets or communal toys.

    Make sure he scrubs for 20 seconds – about the time it takes to sing “happy Birthday” twice.
  • Always keep wipes or sanitizing gel in your purse and in your car.
  • Teach him to sneeze or cough into a tissue. If he does not have one handy, he should use the crook of his elbow.
  • Steer clear of toys and books in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Take along your own instead.
  • Clean “shared” toys with hot soapy water or a sanitizing spray.
  • Don’t share personal objects and don’t let siblings share them either.

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