GIft Wrapping Choices

You shopped; you found the perfect gift for that little boy’s birthday present or that unique baby shower gift.

Gift Wrapping Choices at The Boy's Store

You still need to wrap it. What are your options?

  1. 1. You could do it yourself and buy a roll of paper, some ribbon, a gift card/tag, and maybe even a little “trinket” to add some pizzazz to your present. The gift looks great, you get compliments on your pretty wrapping job. The party is over and you now have a roll of paper that you might never use again. The ribbon could possibly be reused for another occasion.
  2. You could have it professionally wrapped and potentially this could come with a hefty price tag.
  3. Or you could have The Boy’s Store wrap it for you. We charge a very nominal fee which covers the extra cost of shipping the item safely in a larger box.

As long as supplies last, we will do our best to use your choices, as indicated in your cart, to wrap a beautiful present and send it directly to the recipient.

Of course you can always just leave all the choices to us. We take pride in wrapping every single item with special care for that deserving little boy.

We are constantly updating our selection as we come across boy appropriate wraps, trinkets… Welcome your suggestions to help improve this service. Our wish is to make gift giving as effortless as possible.

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