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Graphic novels are quickly becoming a classroom norm in today's schools. Many teachers will even teach graphic novels to their students. Graphic novels have come a long way in recent years. We no longer classify them as purely comic books. They are so much more than that. Graphic novels have become an incredibly useful teaching tool for schools. In fact, many publishers and authors have switched from writing traditional novels and have chosen to rebrand with graphic novels. Graphic novels draw students into a story, especially younger students like middle schoolers. This generation is very visual, so having incredible graphics to go along with a story is more enticing than a bland picture-less novel.

Graphic novels can also help to teach important skills like inference. Many students struggle with inference, however, graphic novels can supply more context for a situation in a visual perspective which allows a struggling student more tools for understanding. Some parents and teachers may feel that it doesn't offer a degree of difficulty; in fact, graphic novels often have more difficult vocabulary words than traditional novels.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of graphic novels is that it helps to build a love of reading for those students that are not as interested in books. Graphic novels offer them visuals, they are more fast-paced than traditional novels which help to draw readers into the story more quickly. The images do not replace the language, instead, they enhance the narrative which can help students that struggle to gain a better understanding of language.

If you have a child that is not as interested in reading then you may want to try looking at some graphic novels to try and stimulate a better appreciation of books. There are so many incredible options: The Amulet Series, The Percy Jackson Series, and The Artemis Fowl Series. You can also go with a more comic book-themed series like Sonic the Hedgehog, and Spider-man.

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