Halloween Craft: 3D Werewolf Art

Art is a fantastic way to celebrate a holiday. As a parent, I love creating art with my kids; it allows me to create memories and remember them forever. I usually save my favorite art pieces my children make, and I use them as decorations for my favorite holidays. I have dozen of art pieces for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and Halloween. Every year I add to my collection.

This year I found this really fun 3D art piece from Arty Crafty Kids. It lets the kids create a 3D werewolf art piece to hang on the wall. It looks incredibly cool and intricate but is actually relatively simple to create. The best part is there are always ways to customize the art and make it entirely your own!

Boys Craft - 3D Halloween Werewolf Mask

This werewolf art craft may become one of my favorites to hang each year. It jumps out at you with its fun 3D design and makes my house even more spooktacular than usual for this time of year. For the full tutorial, with videos, head on over to Arty Crafty Kids now.

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