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Middle school and junior high are those weird in-between years that leave us all feeling a little like misfits and a little unsure of ourselves. Everyone feels out of place and everyone is looking for a way to escape yet fit in all at the same time. It can be a confusing time.

In Here in the Real World, Ware is a tween just trying to get by and enjoy his dreamy summer in his own imaginary world when his parent sign him up for a summer program that will bring him to a place where the real world meets his own imaginary world. With his new friend Jolene, he will face the troubles of being a misfit, and together they will have to protect their new imaginary/real world refuge from outsiders.

Here in the Real World - Book Review

This book pulls at all of the tween feelings. It brings parents right back to that place we all were once upon a time and is an excellent novel to read with your tween. You do not have to read it aloud, you could take turns reading the book and share what it made you feel and think. Books are excellent ways to interact and understand how other people see things. This book is an excellent way to open up with your tween about what life was like when you were their age. After all, we weren't always this uncool and old.

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