Leprechaun Trap - March STEAM project

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal in our house. My Great Grandparents were Irish immigrants in the 1900’s, so we always celebrate the holiday with great joy and respect. As kids I remember my grandmother cooking corned beef for dinner, I remember singing songs and enjoying treats. We even created a leprechaun trap with my mom and grandmother.

It was always fun to create a little trap that would attempt to capture a leprechaun. We never did actually catch one, but we always ended up with some sweet little gold covered chocolate treats. It became a tradition we all enjoyed. When my kids were old enough we too carried on the tradition.

This year since we are trying to create more educational crafts and activities with our kids this year we wanted to make a more STEAM driven leprechaun trap this year. My oldest enjoys making Rube Goldberg Machines so I wanted to have enough supplies available for her to build a trap that was more intricate and mechanical. This example and tutorial from Little Bins for Little Hands is a great example for getting started on a leprechaun trap.

Leprechaun Trap STEAM project on The Boy's Store Blog
What kind of Leprechaun trap will you and your family build this Saint Patrick's Day?

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