Organic Denim

Organic denim - how and why?

Denim fabric mills, weavers and laundries are examining the entire production chain to find new ways to implement eco practices. The industry is saying no to synthetic chemical pesticides and yes to organic fertilizers. They are showing global concern for environmental impact.

Organic Denim for Boy's Clothing

Water treatment is a key focus for “bio-denim” made with pesticide-free organic cotton. Recycled cotton and new fibers and soy protein make an impact in new production. As well as reintroduction pure indigo finishes creating reach color intensity, soft fabric and an environmentally friendly finish.

Latest technologies designed to lessen the environmental impact of denim processing, reduce overall energy usage and rely on air processes to produce various shades of denim instead of water and chemicals.

Organic denim takes us one step closer to a better quality of life.

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