Organic Socks for Boys by Jefferies Socks

Country Kids, a division of Jefferies Socks, has just announced, with what looks to us as some mild trepidation, that they will be introducing a new line of organic socks for boys (and girls) for Spring 2009. We for one are looking forward to seeing the full line up.

Boys Organic Dress Socks by Country Kids

The new boy's (and girl's) organic sock line will come in a multitude of colors and styles. And as it's name implies, the line will be made from certified organic cotton using an environmentally friendly process.

The Country Kids organic line will also offer baby boy and girl booties, beanies and socks in crew and knee length. In addition to a similar offering as the boys, the girls line will also include organic tights.

Jefferies Socks is working on a new packaging for their new organic sock. Therefore the new labels will be made of recycled paper and printed with environmentally conscious soy inks.

We can't wait to add all the new boy-centric styles to our line-up.  We are pretty certain that the ribbed dress socks for boys will be a popular item. Boy's dress socks can be worn for special occasions as well as every day wear. So keep your eyes peeled on our website or social media pages for the new now in-store announcements.

We hope Country Kids (and Jefferies Socks) will continue to expand their selection of organic socks for boys (and girls) to include some of our favorite styles.  I know of one little boy who would love to wear a pair organic cotton boy's dinosaur socks.

Our request:

Here is our plea to you Country Kids and Jefferies Socks. Please, pretty please... include socks designs with images that boys love!  Such as dinosaurs, construction vehicles, trains and emergency vehicles.

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