Organic Watchdog Organizations

Organic Watchdog Organizations

With all the new concern after our brush with lead poisoning in materials used for toys and our renewed interest in clothing made out of organically grown cotton and other green fibers. We decided to compile a list of organization, associations and groups that monitor and set standards for eco-friendly materials.

  • OTA (Organic Trade Organization) – created in 1985, it’s main role is to advocate, protect, and comment on organic regulations and policy in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
  • IFOAM – leading the organic movement, they help facilitate and implement the adoption of organic agriculture. They ensure the credibility and longevity of organic agricultural as a means to ecological, economic and social sustainability.
  • CCOF – founded in 1973 as mutual assistance and certification organization for organic farmers and was one of the first organizations to perform certification in North America. They still support organic food and agriculture through a organic certification program, trade support, producer and consumer education and political advocacy.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) – created in 2002 as certification that could be recognized world-wide, this standard defines requirements to ensure organic status of textiles, covering production, processing, manufacturing, and distribution of all natural fibers.
  • SCP (Sustainable Cotton Project) – focuses on the production and use of cotton, one of the most widely grown and chemical-intensive crops in the world. Since 1963 they have brought farmers, manufacturers and consumers together with a guiding philosophy of cooperation for a change.
  • SKAL – founded in 1985, SKAL is the inspection body of organic production in the Netherlands, and their rigid standards are often used in other countries. Inspections include visits to farms, examination of tissue, soil, and crop samples, and administrative assessments.
  • OASIS (Organic and Sustainable Industry Standards) – is a consensus standard, the result of a committed group of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, working to set standards and clarity in the field of organic beauty and personal care products.
  • ECOCERT – the current prevailing European standard and certification.
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All the above mentioned groups, organizations, etc are constantly aiming to improve standards to the benefit of the consumer, the manufacturer and most importantly to our living planet Earth.

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