Skeleton Bones a Halloween STEAM Activity

Halloween is a great time to do fun activities and crafts. Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to try and weave in some interesting learning activities as well. Mystery Science has an incredibly interesting Halloween skeleton-themed learning activity for children grades K-5. It deals with STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and mechanics). And it uses the skeleton theme to get kids interested in how the bones in our body help us to function and what would our bodies be like without bones?

Hand X-Ray STEAM Science and Mistery

Mystery Science has an entirely interactive experience set up for you and your kids. As a result, you get to watch videos, create experiments, hypothesize, conduct research, and find the results. It is an incredible online journey using art, engineering, and mechanics to learn more about our own skeletal systems.

This fun Halloween-themed activity with not only entertain your kids. It will also educate them and give them the opportunity to try something they may never have tried before. Head on over to Mystery Science for the full skeleton bones tutorial.

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