STEAM Activities - Burning Ice

As much as I want to rest and do nothing during Fall break I know that the best way to keep my kids from driving me up the wall is to find ways to keep them busy without driving me crazy. We plan a lot of independent activities during the fall break like legos, art, reading, and outdoor play but we also try to find activities that Mom or Dad can participate in, like this burning ice STEM activity, and gain that one-on-one parent-kid time.

My husband loves hands-on activities with the kids. That means a lot of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mechanics) activities. He loves to do fun experiments with the kids that are educational and fun all at once. This month I found a fun and interesting activity from Steamsational, Burning Ice. This experiment explains accelerants. It isn't the ice that is burning, it is the alcohol that burns. This is a great way to show kids not only a fun and interesting reaction but also explain to them how some chemicals burn more quickly and how that can be damaging and difficult to extinguish causing harm.

Boys STEAM Activity - Burning Ice
This is an experiment that is very educational. And it also opens up many conversations but should still be approached with great care. For all the incredibly cool instructions and tutorials head on over to Steamsational.

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