Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza

Simple meals, like this Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizza one, are my favorite. The less mess, the better. The less work, the better. This is the season of simple and straightforward. We have so much going on during the rush between Halloween and Christmas that I can barely breathe let alone plan a healthy fabulous meal 7 days a week. My new motto is to work smarter not harder. So I plan the week's meals based on the intensity of our nights. On busy nights I plan the simplest meals. That way I do the least amount of work and prep on my busy nights and do not allow myself to feel guilty over it.

This week we are trying a new simple recipe I found on Pinterest. Pizza is always a hit, and we love a simple way to make it that doesn't require us to purchase dough. But we do not want to sacrifice taste. This fun and quick recipe from Recipe Diaries is perfect for those fast-paced nights. Texas Toast Garlic Bread Pizzas. Just the name sounds delicious.

Garlic Toast Pepperoni Pizza Recipe

This Texas toast garlic bread pizza tutorial is simple to follow. And the website offers tons of incredible yet simple meals for your weeknights. Head on over now to get a few to try. We have selected several and will be sampling them in the coming weeks.

You can see some of our other boy (and family) friendly recipes by visiting our favorite recipe board on Pinterest.

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