The Elf is BACK!

Elf season is here. If your household is as elf crazy as mine is then you may already be preparing for the return of your scout elf. Our scout elves always return on Thanksgiving night. Friday early morning we hear the sounds of very excited, and not the slightest bit quiet, children scouring the house for their little friends.

We have two elves, one girl, and one boy. They are the best of friends and tend to get into a lot of mischiefs all season long. Every day is magical watching our kids try to find them and then listening to them laugh their deep little kid belly-laughs over the mischief they have gotten themselves into. All year long my husband and I pin ideas for elves. We even have a shared elf folder so we can pin them and the other one can see them.

Elf on the Shelf on The Boy's Store Blog

This year to start the month of madness we have decided to replicate this incredibly cute setup. My kids love Starbucks (mommy does too) so we will get this fun little setup and have Starbucks drinks waiting for everyone when the kids wake up. We don't go this extravagant all season. We usually buy one fun thing to be the first reveal and then the rest of the season we get creative with things around the house. This is also easy as a first night because we will have been busy from Thanksgiving and we won't be as creative. We hope that you and your elves have a great scout elf season!

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