Valentine's Ideas Without Candy

Do you love to do fun Valentine's gift ideas for the kids but hate using candy over and over each year? I a definitely that mom that prefers to give out fun toys, crafts, or snacks instead of candy. So I try to find all the fun ideas that kids will love that will impress them nearly as much as the candy everyone else gives out.

Whoopie it's Valentines Day: This fun and silly idea is perfect for kids. Sure, it may be annoying after the 500th use but it almost always brings a bit of laughter.

Whoopie Valentines Day Card Idea
We are Built to be Friends: This fun lego idea from Morning Chores is perfect for that lego-centric kiddo.
Lego Valentines Day Card Idea
Wheel you be my valentine? This fun car themed valentine will be the perfect speedy gift for your little guy. Thank you to Productive Pete for the great idea!
Hot Wheels Valentines Day Card Idea
What's your favorite go-to Valentine choices for your kiddos? Does your kiddo give cards out at school?

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