Valentine's Day Mud Buddies

Muddy Buddies scream childhood. I remember snacking on muddy buddies at birthday parties, school holiday parties, after a sports game, or at a playdate. It was a simple, sugary, sweet treat that would feed lots of hungry kids and it always impressed.

For those of you that had parents like mine that never made muddy buddies at home (we had to wait to be at friends houses to taste them for the first time) then let me explain what they are. It is a chex mix style treat coated with candy or chocolate and filled with sugary sweetness.

My best friend growing up always had some at home. Her mom even let us help her make it on occasion. Their favorite included peanut butter and chocolate, it was absolutely decadent. My mother-in-law makes it on occasion for my husband a family gatherings.

I stumbled upon this sweet Valentine's themed recipe when looking for something simple for my kiddos Valentine's day Party at school. Crafty Morning has crafted a delicious and sweet treat perfect for just such an occasion. I plan to prepare a double recipe so that I can give it to each kid for their class party.

Valentine's Day Mud Buddies Recipe


Head on over to Crafty Morning for the full recipe now, and be sure to check out her other great ideas while you are there!

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