Wes and Willy Pajama Sets

Boys Pajamas by Wes and Willy at The Boy's Store

American-made PJs are to be introduced with Wes & Willy's Fall 2009 collection. These boy's pajamas will be manufactured by Sara's print a leading sleepwear company.  The new PJs will feature designs geared for boys.

This new boy-centric sleepwear line will include comfortable two-piece sets as well as a selection of boys' lounge-style bottoms only.  Sara’s Prints, under license for Wes & Willy, manufactures soft and cozy sleepwear in the United States.  A big bonus in our eyes.  We love and are big supporters of American clothing manufacturing.

The new Wes and Willy pajamas are designed as flame-retardant sleepwear.  The PJ line will mirror Wes & Willy’s sportswear collection.   The new boy's pajama designs will feature sporty motifs such as football, baseball, soccer, etc.  A selection of Holiday prints for Halloween and Christmas is part of this new Wes and Willy collection addition.

The new Wes and Willy pajama will include baby boy footie one-pieces and sets as big as a boys’ extra large.

The Boy's Store is excited to add a selection of the new Wes and Willy boys' PJs to the store's line-up this coming August.  You will be able to easily locate them on our page dedicated to boys' sleepwear.

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